EKS Day in Rwanda2017-09-16 15:33:38

Here is a story by Immaculate, A primary Five pupil at G.S Rukingu and a Football Captain for Girls team at school.

"I was so happy when they told us during one of the school parades made every Monday morning that EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER Day will be celebrated at my school and that we will play unified." says Immaculate!

Unified sports is more important due to the case that our fellows with intellectual disabilities feel more joyful and happy when they we all play on the same field, kicking the same ball.

Immaculate continues, "What made me more excited, is that even our second goal we scored during the game, Betty (an Athlete) is the one who scored it."

Unified Sports also teaches us a lot about our fellows with intellectual disabilities. Long live Special Olympics! Long live Unified Sports!


Special Olympics Rwanda-staff

Fulgence 2017-11-05 12:11:55
Ehhhh. nice, Eunice Kennedy God bless you,
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