Partnership Launched in Rwanda to Achieve Inclusion2017-07-26 21:37:19

This 3-year partnership marks a joint commitment to expand opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities in the areas of sports, education, and health, and will ensure equal access to social protections, services, and economic opportunities. 

The Honorable Julienne Uwacu, Minister of Sports and Culture joined Special Olympics Rwanda Chairperson Pastor Deus Sangwa and Athlete and Board Member Emmanuel Shyaka in signing the agreement. “This new partnership with Special Olympics Rwanda offers the Government of Rwanda the opportunity to publicly re-affirm our commitment to ensuring that even the most marginalized of those with disabilities are included and respected in all aspects of life in our country,” said Minister Uwacu. 

The event brought together a host of global and local partners including Lions from Rwanda and neighboring DRC, Save the Children, UNICEF, Red Cross, Action Aid and the heads of various national sports federations. All of these partners are committed to working with Special Olympics Rwanda and the Government of Rwanda to enhance opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The announcement of the partnership was followed by a Unified Sports® football match. Two Unified female football teams played to demonstrate unity and promote gender equality - an expression of support for the concurrent African Union Summit which focused on equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

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