Title: Special Olympics Rwanda Screened 400 athletes in Kamonyi District.2017-11-14 18:28:13

“Some of the health disparities that are common among Athletes are: Epilepsy, Difficulties in Respiratory system, Heart attacks, Tooth-decays, Hearing problems and other disparities that originate from poor nutrition. To improve on the health of our Athletes, Parents/Guardians are advised to provide health foods to their children in a way of improving their health and also providing an ample time to them as in this case, it becomes easy for them to discover some illness symptoms these athletes may have.”-Said Dr. NGAMBE Tharcisse - Head of Clinical Directors in Special Olympics Rwanda

“Bringing Athletes for Screening is very important because it enables their  Parents to know  their children’s health status and also this helps them to participate well in sports and avoiding Isolation’’- Said SHYAKA Emmanuel - Athlete Leader.

Ntabana Gaston (Head of Health Department in kamonyi District), told the press that; “when athletes are screened, it eventually improves their Healthy living and this also simplifies their medical treatment. Many Thanks goes to special Olympics Rwanda.”


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Dr. NGAMBE Tharcisse- Head of Clinical Directors in Special Rwanda
SHYAKA Emmanuel- Athlete Leader
NTABANA Gaston- Head of Health Department in Kamonyi District
Marie Rose Mukazayire- Family Member being interviewed with Media
Medfest Banner raised at the entrance of the Screening Venue
Anitha Akimana2017-11-15 06:19:17
mwakoze igikirwa cyiza, ese abo bana musuzuma bose niko mubakinisha mumikono mutegura? ikindi nashakaga kumenya special Olympics Rwanda ifite abaganga bayo bihariye bahoraho? murakoze.
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